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Other Tools

Please find below other cool tools created by us or others to explore the human footprint. If you have a tool or resource to share, please use information below to contact us.

Screen shot showing previous version of the human footprint site Previous analysis: Sixteen years of change in the global human footprint. Venter et al. (2016) Screen shot showing Earth Engine annual comparison Compare the human footprint for two years Screen shot showing Earth Engine yearly animation Watch an animation of the human footprint Screen shot showing Earth Engine drivers of HII Explore the drivers of human impacts

Further Reading

To learn more about the human footprint and what it means for people and wildlife, check out the links below.

The Human Footprint and Last of the Wild - BioScience, 2002 Domesticated Nature: Shaping Landscapes and Ecosystems for Human Welfare - Science, 2007 Sixteen years of change in the global terrestrial human footprint and implications for biodiversity conservation - Nature Communications, 2016 Setting Priorities with the Human Footprint, or Why I Am an Urban Conservationist - The Nature of Cities, 2016 Mapping the Continuum of Humanity's Footprint on Land - One Earth, 2019 Bibliography of human footprint-related papers - available via Zotero